The alignment of image can be changed easily,
to left, center or right, the caption will move too.

Image Caption
Image Caption
Image Caption

Link To

Change easily the link of the media by enlarging
to a large lightbox or to an external URL.

Link to Lightbox
External URL

Custom Width

The width is easily changeable, two sliders are available,
where you can change the width or the max width of image.

Image Caption

Image Style

A variety of CSS filters can be used, for example
blur, brightness, saturation and much more.

Opacity (0.5)

Image Hover

CSS Filters can be applied differently
when you mouseover to an image.

Opacity (0.5)

Image Hover Animation

More than 30 hover animations can be chosen,
for the animation of the image on mouseover.


Border Types

Variety of border types can be applied for each image
differently, also the size can be changed for each corner.


Custom Border Width

The border width can be easily enhanced for each
corner differently, or you can link them all together.

Custom Border Color

The border properties doesn’t end here, the
color can be changed from a great color picker.

Custom Radius Size

The angles of the borders can be curved to a different 
radius for each border alone or together as one.

Custom Box Shadow

The box shadow can be combined with all the
perspective properties like blur, spread and lines.

Caption on the left.
Caption on the center.
Caption with justify as alignment.
Caption on the right.

Caption Color

Change the color of captions easy and
combine it with different alignments.

Lorem ipsum dolor.
Lorem ipsum dolor.
Lorem ipsum dolor.

Caption Custom Typography

Change the font family from more than 600 google fonts, or other 
font properties like letter spacing, line-height and much more. 

Lorem ipsum dolor.
Lorem ipsum dolor.
Lorem ipsum dolor.

Caption Custom Spacing

Add easily custom spacing between the image
and the caption, examples are 10, 20 and 30.

Lorem ipsum dolor.
Lorem ipsum dolor.
Lorem ipsum dolor.